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I actually started out making candles, then found that most chandlers selling online also made soap. I had made candles in my youth, but only as a hobby; now I do it to make money. I tried my hand at making soap, very cautiously at the start, as I was afraid of the lye, but found out that as long as you take the safety precautions, everything is fine.

I know it is called Peak Candle Supplies, but I mainly use them as a fragrance oil supplier. Most of their scents are body safe, so great for using in soap, as well as other bath and body products. They also smell very true-to-life, even for my very sensitive, discriminating nose. They used to be only in Colorado, which made for long waits for my shipments, but now they have a location in PA, right next door to me in NJ, and I get my orders in just a couple of days now. The quality of the scents has been a bit lower than it used to be, hopefully they are still doing things the way they used to…

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