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by bonnysites on Soap Making Reviews
Camden-Grey has bad customer service and bad attitude

Although they do have the best pricing for some items, I don't deal with Camden-Grey any longer because of my last transaction with them. I ordered several items, and received an email that one of the items was on backorder. That was not a problem, although I did not understand why the item was not showing as not available on the site, it did not mention it was on backorder or not immediately available, but let me place the order. Anyway, the email also said that I could either wait until the item came in, and they would ship the whole order, or I could receive what they had immediately, and PAY ANOTHER SHIPPING CHARGE when the other item arrived and was available for shipping. What is that? It wasn't my fault it wasn't available when I ordered it, they had it listed as available. Why should I pay more for their error? Where I work, if we have something backordered and do a partial shipment, we do NOT charge for extra shipping, as it was OUR error....just sayin'

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